Easy Handling



Our goal has always been and still is to inspire the clients with new innovations. Often thanks to their requests we could be able to get creative. There are many people who have difficulties with fine motor skills or to move their fingers with strength by screwing the cap onto the tube. And exactly with the topic “easy cap-tube-handling” we have been dealing over a longer period of time.

We have kept to our principle MyCap by RUBA®  and have designed the closures that way, that they are combinable with other existing RUBA-tools. In other words, one part of the mold can be used without any changes, so the significant costs can be saved. The newly developed samples-prototypes were designed for tubes Ø35mm with thread M15.

Have a look right now at our 3D drawing!

If interested, the caps can also be printed as a 3D-pattern.

The advantages are:
• Individual design adapted to your needs
• Cost saving
• Very short lead times
• Everything under one-roof; full service only with one supplier
• Top quality
• Ideal price-performance ratio for our customers

During the development we are able to produce quickly in-house made prototypes, in order to identify potential weak points. 

If you like our inspirations and ideas, then we are a qualified development partner for you. Our technical team will be happy to help you realize your own cap-ideas. There is only one small step left to a production of an injection mold.

If we have awakened your interest and you are open for new challenges, call us or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.